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Welcome to
Swaranjay Music Classes

Indian Style Music School By Mr. Sanjay Kadam

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My Story

Mr. Sanjay D Kadam

I’ve been working as a professional Music Teacher since 1980 and can honestly say I can’t think of anything else that would bring me such joy every day. I have also worked as an academic teacher in well known school in Pune, India. I retired in the year 2017 and have began to focus on my music school, yet again, since. I love working with students of all ages and abilities and get so much satisfaction from seeing how they grow and develop in their skills and performance.

Teaching Hindustani classical music to my enthusiastic students, only gives me pride and satisfaction that the essence of Indian music is not lost yet. 

Join me in the journey of learning and exploring this very root to all forms of music genres. To know more about me

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Choose your kind

You can choose from the following styles of music as per your interest. All of these follow the methods from Hindustani Classical style of music.

You may opt for online or offline classes. Even if you are staying outside Pune, online classes are now possible!

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Recording Studio
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Harmonium / Keyboard

Even though this instrument is originally a western instrument, today, it holds an important place in Indian Classical music. May it be a classical, semi-classic, light or folk singer; any of them need the harmonium by their side . Most of the evergreen music directors, have taken help of the harmonium to put together tunes for a song.

Indian Classical Vocal

Gayan, that is, singing, for this we use our vocal chords. Every human has a vocal cord which can be trained to be tuned so that the person is able to sing. 

Signing is taught right from its roots and since it is classical form of singing, it is taught in a way that a lay man understands.


Tabla is one of the most important and oldest instruments in the world of music. Without a Taal (rhythm) one is not able to perform a dance, sing or play instruments to the optimum.  There have been many famous and prominent Tabla players from the past till the present.  Ustaad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa, Anokhelal Mishra, Kishan Maharaj, Alla Rakha, Zakir Hussain, just to name a few. Tabla can be played as accompaniment with signers or dancers or it can be played solo as well.

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